Temporary Disability Benefits

Temporary Disability Benefits

Temporary Disability Benefits

The Workers Compensation Act is designed to assist and provide income benefits when an individual has been hurt on the job and cannot return to their former employment. There are four (4) main types of lost wage benefits which are available.

1. Temporary disability benefits (TTD). TTD benefits are paid weekly to an individual who is temporarily totally disabled from returning to work. Basically this means you are either on a no-work status, or your employer is unable to provide you with a light duty job per your doctor’s restrictions. The wage benefits are determined based upon the average weekly wage for the 13 weeks before your injury. Currently the maximum TTD rate is $525.00 per week. Please note, depending upon your date of accident, the maximum TTD rate can vary.

2. Temporary partial disability benefits (TPD). TPD benefits are paid when an individual is able to return to work, however, they are unable to earn their pre-injury wages. Usually this occurs when an individual returns to a light duty job and works less hours, or works in a different position. Currently, the maximum TTD rate is $350.00 per week. Please note the maximum rate can vary based upon your date of injury.

3. Permanent partial disability benefits (PPD). PPD benefits are paid pursuant to the Workers’ Compensation Act for the permanent injuries sustained from a workers’ compensation injury. Typically, a PPD rating is assigned by your authorized treating physician at the end of your case when you have reached maximum medical improvement. There is a formula which provides for a specific calculation for your PPD benefits. Let the office of Skip McManes assist you in calculating your PPD rating.

4. Death benefits. Death benefits are available to family members of an individual who dies as a result of a workers’ compensation claim. The calculation of death benefits is extremely complex and depends upon many different variables, including who is and who is not a dependent of the worker. Some additional benefits are also available, including funeral expenses or burial expenses. Let my office assist you with the extremely complex and delicate issues which arise when a loved one dies as a result of an on-the-job injury.

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