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Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, you understand the costs: expensive medical bills, lost income, and mental anguish can be as disastrous as the accident itself. The good news is that you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries but you’ll need a good personal injury attorney to help you collect.

Personal Injury Lawyer Skip McManes will help you get the compensation you deserve. Whether you’ve fallen, suffered from medical malpractice, or were the victim of nursing home abuse, Skip will defend your rights and fight for justice.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law covers a wide variety of things. While some of the most common personal injuries are automobile wrecks and slip and falls, there are many other kinds of injuries which occur and can happen to an individual. McManes Law represents clients who have suffered from the following:


Negligence is the building-block of a personal injury claim. Negligence is when an individual’s actions cause injury to you or to your family. Let Skip McManes help you get the compensation you deserve when you have been injured by someone else’s negligence.

Products Liability

Products liability cases are extremely complex and demand that you have an attorney representing you. Let Skip McManes assist you and your family if you have been injured as a result of a defective product. We will help you investigate and determine whether the manufacturer or distributor of the product was negligent in such a manner to allow you or your family members to receive compensation.

Wrongful Death

Regrettably, sometimes an individual’s negligence causes the death of a loved one or family member. Wrongful death cases are very complex and often require expert testimony. It is important that surviving family members retain the services of a competent experienced attorney to assist in the handling of a wrongful death case. The Law Offices of Skip McManes will fight for compensation in the event of an untimely and unfortunate family member’s death.

Medical or Dental Malpractice

Medical and Dental Malpractice is regrettably a real possible for you and your family members. While a majority of your medical providers do not intend any harm to their patients, sometimes a situation arises where a mistake was made, or negligence occurs as a result of a medical providers actions. Medical and dental malpractice is a very specific area of the law which requires expert legal representation. Contact the offices of Skip McManes and we will either help you, or work in association with a medical malpractice expert attorney to get you and your family members the compensation you deserve.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries occur when an individual suffers a significant and often debilitating injury to their brain. Many times a traumatic brain injury is caused by, or as a result of, another individual’s negligence. Traumatic brain injuries can occur as a result of a car accident, motor vehicle accident, truck accident, motor cycle accident, slip and fall, or workers’ compensation injury. It is extremely important that the family members contact a competent lawyer to assist in the handling of a traumatic brain injury. Call the offices of Skip McManes and let us help you and your family members during this most difficult time.

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Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries can have a devastating effect on an individual and their family. The significant medical costs and inability to work as a result of the spinal cord injury makes it essential that an individual retain the services of a competent lawyer in an effort to provide appropriate compensation for the individual and his or her family. Call the Law Offices of McManes Law and allow us to go after the negligent party who caused the devastating injury.

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Nursing Home Abuse

In recent years, nursing home abuse has become a very common situation. As our population ages and more and more of our parents are in nursing homes, the possibility of nursing home negligence and abuse increases. If you or your family member suspect any form of nursing home abuse or negligence, you should immediately contact the offices of Skip McManes so we can help stop the abuse and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Dog Bites

Surprisingly, there are more dog bites than one would imagine. Often times, an adult or a child is seriously injured by someone else’s pet, which is usually a dog. If you or a family member are bitten by, or injured by, someone else’s pet, please contact the offices of Skip McManes so we can promptly investigate the matter. It is extremely important to contact a lawyer immediately after the incident occurs so the lawyer can adequately investigate the claim.

Slip and Fall

When you have been injured because of negligent property owners, you need the expertise of an Atlanta slip and fall personal injury lawyer. When another party’s negligence contributes to a condition where you sustain injuries, you may be entitled to compensation under the law.

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