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You drive everyday, never suspecting that a single accident can turn your life upside down. Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents can cause terrible pain and suffering, from minor injuries to paralysis and wrongful death.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, no matter how severe, Attorney Skip McManes will fight for you to collect the compensation you deserve.

Call or contact McManes Law immediately it’s important to document evidence as soon as possible after an auto accident. With over two decades of experience, Skip will walk you through everything and relieve you of your stress. From gathering evidence, to filing reports, to helping you receive quality medical attention, Skip McManes looks after your interests and helps to build the strongest case for you to win

Automobile Accidents

For over the past 23 years, McManes Law has represented many individuals involved in automobile accidents. If you or a family member were injured in an automobile accident and the other driver was at fault, you need to contact McManes Law at 770-645-8801 for a free case evaluation. While we cannot accept every case, we are more than happy to give you a free evaluation and provide you with guidance as to how you should proceed. It is extremely important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident before you make contact with a negligent party’s insurance carrier. There are many questions to be answered in an automobile claim. The questions include:

  • Who had coverage
  • Was there adequate coverage
  • Which party was at fault
  • Do I need a police report
  • Should I talk to the insurance company
  • Who will pay for my car repairs
  • Who will pay for my medical treatment
  • If more than one party was at fault, who is responsible
  • Do I need an attorney to handle my case
  • What if I was hit by a drunk driver

Clearly there are many questions to answer when you or a family member have been injured as a result of an automobile accident. Please contact the Law Offices of McManes Law at 770-645-8801 or for your free consultation.

McManes Law helps victims of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents caused by:


Running a stop sign

Following too closely

Unsafe lane change

Unsafe Turns

Drunk Driving

Running a Red Light

Losing Control of Vehicle

Car Accident FAQs

When do I contact the other drivers’ insurance company?
You should always contact your own insurance company following a motor vehicle accident. However, before you contact the other drivers insurance company, you should contact a lawyer before you are tricked by the other insurance companys claim handler. The negligent partys claim handler may also try and reach a quick settlement with you before you have had an opportunity to seek legal representation and to get medical treatment which you and your family deserve. Please contact the offices of Skip McManes before contacting the other partys insurance carrier

How much will my case settle for?
Settlement of a motor vehicle claim depends upon many different factors including your injuries, the damages to the vehicle, and the amount of insurance coverage available. Settling a motor vehicle claim before trial requires a complex analysis. Let the Law offices of Skip McManes assist you in determining whether the value of your case, and whether settlement is appropriate.

Who do I call immediately after a car accident?
Medical treatment and your health is of course the number one priority following a car accident. After you have been stabilized and received your initial medical treatment, you should immediately contact the offices of Skip McManes to further assist you with the handling of your claim. It is extremely important that an attorney be involved at the beginning of your case so as to obtain all of the appropriate evidence including witnesses, police reports, and possible physical evidence from the scene of the accident. Please call the offices of Skip McManes and allow us to assist you with the handling of your claim.

Truck accidents versus car accidents: is there a difference between a truck accident and a car accident?
Often times, a truck accident results in much greater injuries and damages to the other driver and the drivers vehicle. There are also many complexities when dealing with trucking claims as there are different levels of insurance, federal laws and regulations, and complex questions regarding ownership of the truck. Before dealing with an adjuster for a trucking company, please call the offices of Skip McManes and allow us to assist you in the handling of your claim. If you wait too long to contact a lawyer, you could damage your claim and make it much more difficult to recover fair and adequate compensation for the injuries which you have sustained as a result of the negligent truck driver.


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Call McManes Law at 770-645-8801 or complete the online form for a legal consultation absolutely free of charge. Skip and his team will contact you within one business day to discuss your case, your options, and what benefits you may collect.