Permanent Disability

Permanent Disability

Permanent Disability Benefits Permanent Disability is payable under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act in certain situations. When an individual has reached maximum medical improvement, the authorized treating physician will generally issue a permanent partial disability rating.

The disability rating is then calculated pursuant to the Rules of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. The rating is multiplied by an individual’s workers’ compensation rate and this figure becomes the amount of the permanent partial disability.

Regrettably, the State Board of Workers’ Compensation does not provide for any type of pain and suffering, punitive damages, no matter how significant the permanent partial disability is.

General Questions and Answer

Who assigns the PPD rating?
Generally the authorized treating physician will assign a PPD rating once an individual has completed their medical treatment.

What if I have permanent injuries to multiple body parts?
The State Board of Workers’ Compensation does allow for multiple body parts to receive a permanent partial disability rating. The Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment allow for the multiple body part ratings to be combined to a body-as-a-whole rating.

What if I injure my back, how is that rated?
The back and neck are generally rated as a permanent disability to one’s body as a whole.

Is the PPD rating paid in a lump sum? Or on a weekly basis?
The PPD rating can be paid on a weekly basis, or in a lump sum. The adjuster has discretion in how they chose to issue the payments.

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