Workers Compensation Lawyers

What Is Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is a program that has been put in place to help people who have been injured while on the job. It is designed to cover the medical expenses that a person has incurred as the result of their injury. Workers compensation can also reimburse a person for the lost wages.

There are restrictions that have been put in place that can make it difficult for a person to be awarded workers compensation. For example, in order to get workers compensation, a person must be an employee. Workers compensation is not available to independent contractors.

The injury must also be caused by the work that one does. A person who suffered the injury while he or she was not on the job will not be awarded workers compensation.

Types of On-The-Job Injuries That May Be Covered By Workers Compensation?

There are several accidents that occur on the job and may be covered by workers compensation. A construction worker who hurts his back while lifting a heavy object may be able to get workers compensation. A nurse who gets injured while lifting a patient out of bed may also be entitled to workers compensation.

People who fall ill due to their job may also be awarded workers compensation. For example, if a person is working with chemicals and becomes ill as the result of being exposed to chemicals, then he or she may be awarded workers compensation.

Keep in mind that unemployment is not covered by workers compensation. Unlike many other benefits, workers compensation is always tax-free.

How Workers Compensation Lawyers Can Help?

Workers compensation cases are far more complicated than many people realize. In some cases, employers are not willing to compensate people. The insurance may also try to award a person less than what he or she really deserves. Workers compensation lawyers can work with the employer and the insurance company.

Workers compensation lawyers have the skill and experience necessary for handling complex cases. They will listen to the client’s case and discuss the best options to take. They can also develop a strategy in order to get the insurance companies to pay a person what he or she deserves.

Your chances of getting the maximum workers compensation benefits will be much greater if you have a worker’s compensation lawyer. It will also be a lot easier and less stressful to file a claim if you have an attorney.

McManes Law is one of Georgia’s most respected Workers Compensation lawyers. With insider knowledge and proven strategies, The McManes Law legal team can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

McManes Law truly cares for his clients, personally meeting each and every one. We’ll listen to you closely, discuss your options, and craft a brilliant strategy to get the insurance companies to pay. You can stop worrying we handle everything for you.


Only pay if you successfully receive compensation.


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