Alpharetta Car Accident Attorney

Alpharetta Car Accident Attorney

Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, statistics compiled for 2013 indicate that Fulton and DeKalb Counties led the state in traffic accidents. As the holidays approach, DeKalb County reported 21 motor vehicle accidents and Fulton County reported 76. Holiday traffic means more vehicles on the roadways and a greater likelihood for accidents to occur. However, if planning on driving this holiday season, there are a number of ways you can avoid needing the services of an Alpharetta car accidents attorney.

Call or contact McManes Law immediately it’s important to document evidence as soon as possible after an car accident. With over two decades of experience, We will walk you through everything and relieve you of your stress. From gathering evidence, to filing reports, to helping you receive quality medical attention, McManes Law looks after your interests and helps to build the strongest case for you to win.

Vehicle Inspections

Avoid getting stranded on the side of the road or becoming a victim of a traffic accident by cleaning all of your vehicle’s windows, checking oil and coolant levels, evaluating tire pressure or rotating your tires before your journey begins.

Get Enough Sleep

Resist the urge to rely on coffee or caffeinated power drinks to keep you alert and awake. These beverages only serve to increase anxiety and nervous tension. Get a good night’s rest before traveling to ensure that you are naturally ready for the road.

Avoid Speeding

Plan your route well in advance and leave earlier if necessary to make your destination on time. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that nearly one-third of all fatal collisions involve vehicles that were exceeding the speed limit at the time of impact. Better late and safe than becoming involved in a collision and needing to contact an Alpharetta car accidents attorney.

Monitor Weather Forecasts

The fall season often brings fog, wind, freezing temperatures and precipitation, which make roads hazardous. The Federal Highway Administration reports that more than 20 percent of traffic accidents are weather-related. Whether traveling across town, across the state or across country, know what to expect in terms of weather and prepare to drive accordingly.

Eat Light and Stay Awake

Consuming a heavy meal before driving may lead to feeling drowsy or sleepy while on the road. Regardless of the time of day, eat a light meal, take snacks and beverages. Graze along the way. Save the need to indulge your appetite until after arriving at your destination.

Drive Responsibly

Remember that in addition to passenger vehicles, trucks and perhaps motorcycles may also be present on the road. Stay out of blind spots and allow enough distance between your vehicle and others to ensure safe braking if needed


Running a stop sign

Following too closely

Unsafe lane change

Unsafe Turns

Drunk Driving

Running a Red Light

Losing Control of Vehicle

If an Accident Should Occur
You can rely on McManes Law a Alpharetta car accidents attorney to provide you with the legal information that you need while vigorously defending your rights under the law.


Only pay if you successfully receive compensation.


Call McManes Law at 770-645-8801 or complete the online form for a legal consultation absolutely free of charge. Skip and his team will contact you within one business day to discuss your case, your options, and what benefits you may collect.

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