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Personal Injury: What to Do After A Dog Causes Serious Harm From Biting You

dog bites

What to Do After A Dog Causes Serious Harm From Biting You

Whether you’re playing with a friend’s dog or you’re walking down the street, sometimes dogs become aggressive and lash out. Dog bites are incredibly serious and can cause real harm. According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 4.5 million dog bites occur in the United States every year. If you experience this, here are some of the necessary steps you need to take after the incident.

Treat the wound

If a dog bites you, you want to make sure you treat it before you do anything else. Take these seven steps right away after a dog bite:

    1. Press on the wound gently to cause some bleeding to help flush out as much bacteria as possible.
    2. Wash the wound with mild soap and water.
    3. Slow the bleeding with a clean cloth.
    4. Apply an over-the-counter antibiotic cream if you have it.
    5. Wrap the wound in a sterile bandage. Keep the wound bandaged until you seek medical attention.
    6. Change the bandage several times a day once your doctor has examined the bite.
    7. Watch for signs of infection, like redness, swelling, increased pain, and a fever.

Talk to the owner

After the dog bite occurs, you need to speak to the dog’s owner. Calmly and without combativeness or hostility, inform the dog’s owner that you’ve been bitten by their dog. This is to learn if the pet is up to date on shots and vaccines. Then, get any information you can regarding the dog’s breed and history.

Once you’re sure that your wound is properly cared for and the dog is up to date on their shots, you must take legal action.

Call a personal injury lawyer

It’s extremely important to contact a lawyer immediately after the dog bite incident occurs so the lawyer can adequately investigate the claim. Dog attacks are usually covered under the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy. Trying to fight a big insurance company without legal representation can be extremely difficult.

You deserve justice, and a personal injury lawyer defends your rights to help you through the case. If you get attacked by a dog, please call the offices of Skip McManes so we can promptly investigate the matter.

Skip McManes Alpharetta Auto Accident Attorney

Alpharetta Auto Accident Attorney

Alpharetta Auto Accident Attorney

If you are like many others in Alpharetta, GA you may climb into your car each day to commute to work, run errands and more, and you may rarely give thought to the possibility of having a car accident. However, car accidents can happen to even the safest drivers. They often happen when you least expect them, and they can create a great deal of stress and turmoil for you and your loved ones. More than that, they can cost a fortune, and they may inflict a great deal of pain through injuries. If you have been involved in a car accident recently, it is important to speak with Skip McManes Alpharetta auto accident attorney about your legal options.

Car insurance can pay for many vehicle repairs, and some people even have personal injury coverage to pay for some medical bills. However, there are instances when the other party does not have coverage, and they may be financially responsible for the accident. Even if the other party has coverage, insurance proceeds typically do not reimburse you for pain and suffering, lost wages while you were recuperating and more. In some cases, the auto insurance companies may be disputing the accident while the financial impact of the accident mounts in the form of growing medical bills and even more lost wages.

An Alpharetta auto accident attorney can like Skip McManes of McManes Law can assist you in several ways after you have been involved in a serous car accident. First, the attorney will meet with you to learn more about the details of the accident and to examine insurance benefits that you should receive. Skip McManes the Alpharetta auto accident attorney may assist in collecting payment from the insurance companies, or he or she may recommend that you file a personal injury lawsuit against the other party. Even if the other party does not have insurance, they may legally be responsible for the damages. A lawsuit may force payment so that you can obtain the funds you need to move past this issue.

Skip McManes Alpharetta Auto Accident Attorney

A car accident can be a stressful, painful event, and it also can be financially devastating. In fact, the impact of a serious car accident may be felt for many years or longer if you do not take action. Speaking with Skip McManes an Alpharetta auto accident attorney is a smart idea, and you can contact an Skip McManes today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your rights and options.

Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycle Injuries

You can see more and more motorcycles on the roads today because it is a gas saving option and a hobby for many people. Anyone who owns a motorcycle knows their safety is never guaranteed simply because of the design of the motorcycle. Experienced riders always go out of their way to protect themselves by wearing the correct gear when riding. However, they are still at risk.

Head and Neck Injuries

Head injuries are the most common type of injury that can occur during a motorcycle accident. If your skull is damaged that can mean swelling of the brain.

Head injuries can be minor to severe. They include concussions and irreversible brain damage. Brain damage can also cause death. Concussions can be minor to severe and can take a long time to recover from. In some cases, riders never recover fully and lose memory.

Currently in the State of Georgia every rider is required to wear a helmet. This is pursuant to
Georgia Code, 40-6-315. Some states do not require a rider to wear a helmet, or wearing a helmet can be optional.

Limb Injuries

If you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident you may have injuries to your legs, arms, feet, and hands. These injuries occur because these body parts are exposed. Severely broken bones can require many surgeries to correct. Repair may also include rods, pins and continuous physical therapy. You will need a settlement that will take care of your future medical expenses so you don’t have to pay out of pocket for continued treatment.

Skin Injuries

Heavy gear that protects the skin is always a good idea when riding. Knee pads, heavy jackets and pants can help protect the rider if an accident occurs, but there is still the possibility for injury. Road rash, or very severe abrasions can occur when a rider is thrown from the motorcycle. The rider’s body will skid across pavement, gravel or other surfaces scraping the skin because of the friction. Skin injury of this nature is dangerous because infection can happen very quickly because of bacteria and debris that may be left behind in the wound. These types of abrasions can also cause nerve damage when the nerves are severed or scraped away. Skin injury is a slow process of recovery and special precautions must be taken in order to keep infection at bay.

Motorcycle enthusiasts know the risks they take when they ride. However, they still have the same rights on the road as other motorists. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Skip McManes at McManes Law (770) 645-8801. He has been working with personal injury cases for over 23 years and knows how personal injury law works. Contact Skip at You can also reach the office via phone by calling 770-645-8801 or Toll Free at 866-612-2481. Consultations on your case are always free.

Different Types Of Personal Injury Cases

types of personal injury law

What Are The Different Types Of Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury case can be defined as the law that covers wrong doing and/or damage done to another person or their property. There are many different types of personal Injury cases that fall under the umbrella of personal injury. For example, automobile accidents, dog bites, head and spinal cord injuries, wrongful death, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and fall injuries, and worker’s compensation injuries.

Those who have been injured in an automobile accident can sometimes be overwhelmed, especially if their injuries are severe. They may not know where to turn after an accident occurs. There are many things they must take into consideration such as losing time from work, medical expenses, and vehicle repair expenses. Many insurance companies look to settle motor vehicle accidents quickly before the victim can get an attorney involved.

If you or a loved one is involved in an accident that causes major, catastrophic injury such as a head injury or spinal cord injury, then you will need to consult a personal injury attorney. These injuries are life changing and there are many different things that need to be addressed when something of this nature happens. Many times, the victim involved in the accident will have to turn to full disability after such an accident.

Cases that involve dog bites, or slip and fall accidents have their own set of legal rules that must be followed. Homeowners and business owners owe their guests and patrons a duty of care that any reasonable person would give someone who is a guest or patron on their property. For example, if you are walking thorough a parking lot to the grocery store and there is a hole in the pavement by the door and it isn’t clearly marked and hasn’t been repaired with the manager’s full knowledge that the hazard is in the parking lot, the manager has breached this duty of care. This makes the grocery store liable for the injuries you have received as a result of their negligence. The same can be said for dog bite cases. If you have a dog that has a problem with biting you must advise anyone who comes on your property that your dog will bite if it is provoked.

Worker’s compensation cases help those who have been injured while on the job. These types of cases help the injured worker get temporary disability, lost wages, and other benefits until they are well enough to return to work.

Every personal injury case is different depending upon the situation. If you believe that you have a personal injury case contact McManes Law and speak with Attorney Skip McManes. He has years of experience working with personal injury cases and wants to help you get the compensation you deserve if you have been injured in an accident. You can contact the firm at You can fill out a short information sheet and someone will contact you regarding your case. You can also reach the office via phone by calling 770-645-8801 or Toll Free at 866-612-2481. The legal system can be hard to navigate on your own. Let McManes Law help you with your case.  Consultations are always free.

Neck Injury Whiplash

Neck Injury Whiplash

Neck Injury Whiplash

If you have ever been in a rear-end collision you may have experienced a Neck Injury Whiplash. Whiplash is a neck injury that is often associated with rear end motor vehicle accidents; however, whiplash and other soft tissue injuries can happen in many different car accident scenarios. Low-impact accidents can cause major injury. Because the body is thrust forward so quickly and violently, injury can happen just as it does with higher speed accidents.

Neck Injury Whiplash happens when the neck is snapped forward and back causing the soft, connective tissues in the neck to be jolted and thrown forward. You may feel the effects of whiplash a few hours after a motor vehicle accident. However, in some cases injuries may not present themselves so immediately. These types of injuries may not show for days, even weeks, after an accident and can cause great pain, swelling, bruising, numbness in the legs and arms, severe headache, nausea and dizziness.

Soft tissue injuries can also happen in other joints in the body as well. Your body may react accordingly when you see that an accident is about to happen. You may attempt to turn or move in order to protect yourself from Neck Injury Whiplashimpact. The impact can jolt the joints in the shoulders, hips, knees, and arms.

It is always important to get evaluated at the hospital the day of the accident even if it is a minor one. If you begin to feel effects a few days later, you can always return to your primary care physician to be re-evaluated. Soft tissue injuries and muscle injuries don’t show up on x-rays and may require further investigation through MRI’s. Most of the time these injuries are treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, warm compresses applied to the neck, soft cervical collars to restrict movement, physical therapy and chiropractic care.

Neck Injury Whiplash and Soft tissue injuries can cause a lifetime of chronic pain and discomfort if they aren’t treated correctly. You could experience pain, soreness and stiffness for years after your accident.  This is one reason why it is so important to find an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you. Insurance companies will want to settle your case quickly and for as little money as possible. This could leave you without enough money to pay for future medical bills and treatment. A qualified personal injury attorney will know when insurance companies are attempting to make your injuries seem superficial and give you less than what you deserve.

At McManes Law, Attorney Skip McManes will be able to get you the compensation you deserve. He knows how accidents can completely change your life no matter how big or how small the accident was. Don’t go through the legal process alone. Make sure that you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Skip McManes at McManes Law today at (770) 645-8801 or Toll Free at 866-612-2481. You can also visit the McManes Law website and fill out our short information form. We will be more than happy to discuss your personal injury case with you and there are no consultation fees.

What Does A Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster Do

Insurance Claim Form

What Does A Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster Do

Workers Compensation Claims Adjusters evaluate claims for the insurance company. They can work for workers compensation companies or vehicle insurance companies. The most widely known are adjusters from the auto insurance companies.

When you are involved in an auto accident you will have to file a claim with your insurance company.  After the accident, they will contact you regarding damage to your vehicle or other property. They will gather information such as photographs of the damage. They will also evaluate the damage to your vehicle or property while they are there. During the process they will be working with possibly, another person’s insurance company, police, fire and ambulance personnel and treating physicians. They will build a case report for the insurance company to find out who was at fault for an accident, why the accident occurred and what the appropriate compensation would be for you or someone involved.

The insurance filing process is simple in some ways and complicated in other ways. Some people have a hard time understanding if they have never been in an accident Personal Injury Attorney or filed a claim before. One thing to always remember, the insurance adjuster isn’t working for you. They will be working for the company that employs them. Their goal is to settle claims as fast as they can. They will also settle the claim for the smallest amount possible. If you settle your claim too fast after an auto accident then it becomes very likely that you won’t be able to get payment for medical expenses, lost wages, or other expenses if they arise. Don’t be too hasty when settling a claim.

Why Is It Important To Get Legal Representation?

When you do speak with an insurance adjuster or Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster
always be mindful of what you say.  Never say, “I’m alright”, or “I’m feeling fine today” as these may be misconstrued in a claims report that you felt fine after the accident. This type of statement is one that can put holes in your case and cause the settlement value to be reduced. The settlement value of your case will be the final amount paid for injuries and property damage. The adjuster may ask to record your conversations regarding the accident.  Never let an adjuster record your statement.  If they ask you to make any type of statements, recorded or otherwise, simply let them know that you would like to speak with an attorney first before making any statements.

Whenever you are in doubt about any part of the Workers Compensation Claims Adjuster process be sure to consult an attorney.  A qualified and experienced personal injury attorney will be able to help you. Before you speak with an insurance adjuster – contact Attorney Skip McManes (770) 645-8801.  McManes Law has a proven track record of getting fair settlements for those who have been injured in an accident.  Mr. McManes will discuss your case with you free of charge. Contact McManes Law today at and fill out our online consultation form.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Someone’s negligence can have major consequences including death. Whether it be because of medical malpractice, truck or pedestrian accident, or negligence on the part of a hospital or nursing home, the family of the deceased is able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party.

Negligence can occur in many forms. It can include defective devices, hospital or nursing home negligence, medical malpractice, or auto accidents. For example, if your loved one was admitted into the hospital for a minor problem and a representative of the hospital such as a nurse, or technician, fails to double check medication allergies and administers the wrong type of drug, this can result in their death. The hospital will be held liable for the medical mistake that was made.  In another scenario, if your loved one has been placed in a nursing home and staff members have been withholding food, or failing to treat pressure sores correctly causing a deadly infection, the patients family would have a right to file a lawsuit against that nursing home for negligence.

It used to be widely held that a lawsuit couldn’t be brought against an entity such as the ones listed above because the deceased person would have to bring the lawsuit.  However, loved ones are now allowed to bring suit against those who are negligent and seek compensation for lost income and loss of earning potential, medical expenses, funeral expenses, compensation for the decedent’s pain and suffering and the pain and suffering experienced by the surviving spouse, children, and other family members. The remaining family may also become bogged down in other legal matters such as the deceased estate, death benefits and other litigation that is directed at settling portions of the estate.

Wrongful death lawsuit cases have a statute of limitations or a set amount of time that the case can be brought before the court. The statute of limitations for wrongful death lawsuits cases is 2 years from the date of death in Georgia. You must file your suit within this period of time. If not, you lose your right to file a lawsuit. If the lawsuit to be filed is against a government entity or municipality in Georgia, the statute of limitations is shortened to to as little as 6 months.

Navigating legal waters alone can be confusing and overwhelming. Your attorney will know exactly what needs to be filed and what evidence needs to be presented in order to get the compensation that you and your family deserve. Be aware, that insurance companies Wrongful Death Lawsuit

will be looking to settle your case as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Insurance adjusters work for the insurance companies, therefore, never make a deal with any type of insurance company without your attorney being notified first.

Losing a loved one is a stressful and emotional time, especially if they are lost suddenly because of factors that could possibly have been prevented.  Attorney Skip McManes is an experience and compassionate personal injury attorney who has worked with many families who have experienced loss such as this. He is ready to win your case and get the compensation that the family deserves. We treat your case with personal care and you will be informed about everything going on in your case in a timely manner.

Contact Skip McManes at McManes Law via our website  or via telephone at (770) 645-8801, Toll Free at (866) 612-2481.  McManes Law offers free consultations and can discuss your case with you in order to guide you in the right direction with your Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

Nursing Home Abuse Warning Signs

nursing home abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Warning Signs
How To Protect Your Loved Ones

The decision to put a family member in a nursing home or assisted living facility is a decision that no one wants to make. However, sometimes it becomes a necessity especially if your loved one is unable to live alone due to advancing Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and issues with falling. People are reluctant to admit their loved ones to nursing homes or other assisted living settings because all too frequently reports of nursing home abuse and neglect. More recently, some home care nurses have provided negligent care within patients homes.

Unfortunately, people who are unprofessional and uncaring are hired to fill positions as nurses and nursing assistants. Many times, nursing home abuse is never suspected because your loved one isn’t able to tell you exactly what has happened or they are afraid to tell you what is happening to them because they fear backlash from the employee or facility that is housing them. There are signs you can look for if you suspect your family member is being abused by nursing home staff members. When you recognize these signs then you can take action on behalf of your loved one.

Some nursing home employees are paid very little for the work they do. The staffs in some facilities are stretched too thin because the turnover rate of employees can be very high. Also, facilities may cut budgets and freeze hiring because of new healthcare laws and the inability to pay a decent living wage. In any case, facilities usually end up with an inadequate number of staff members to care for patients. This can lead to mistakes in care like medication errors and oversights about a patient’s general hygiene.

What should you look for when you visit your loved one? Here are a few examples:

  • When you visit your loved one always make yourself aware of which staff members are in charge of your loved ones care during the daytime, evening and overnight hours. Make a point to familiarize yourself with the different staff members and if there is anything that you feel is amiss regarding your loved one, don’t hesitate to ask multiple questions. If you don’t get the answers you are looking for, go to Nursing Home Abuse Warning Signs the director of nursing and pose your questions.
  • Look for extreme changes in mood or demeanor. If you loved one is unusually quiet or if they shy away from you, then there is bound to be a problem. They may be frightened. They cannot defend themselves and if they tell you that abuse is happening always follow up with the charge nurse or nursing home supervisor. Watch how your loved one interacts with certain staff members. If their personality changes greatly when specific members of the staff come in, keep an eye on the situation.
  • Unexplained bruising can be a sign of nursing home abuse. Look closely to see if your loved one has any unexplained bruising or any type of new pain. New pain can be a result of broken bones or other types of organ and tissue injuries. Many times residents who fall aren’t being checked on properly and their calls for help are ignored. When staff members find them they simply put them back into bed and never advise anyone else that the incident occurred. Your loved one may never get treatment for the broken bone or treatment time is greatly delayed. For a person whose immune system is compromised this can be very dangerous as it is possible for infection or other complications to set in.
  • If you see anything like torn clothing, the absence of fresh water pitchers or cups, or if water is out of the reach of the patient this could mean that someone has been physically abusive to them, or a staff member could be withholding water from them as a form of punishment.
  • Unexplained weight loss, dehydration, skin lacerations and untreated pressure sores (bed sores) are other signs of possible abuse. Make yourself aware of the attitudes of the staff members and take a long hard look at the level of service they provide your loved one. If they are rude, short tempered, loud or they act as some patients are more important than others, these could be signs that the healthcare worker is abusive or neglectful. Talk with other friends, family members, and other residents as they can update you on anything they may have witnessed.

Nursing Home Abuse Warning Signs

Your loved ones deserve the best of everything and, at times, with loved ones who are dealing with dementia and other debilitating diseases at the end of their lives, it can be hard on everyone in the family. If you believe that a loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse or healthcare provider abuse contact Attorney Skip McManes of McManes Law. Mr. McManes is highly experienced and will work directly with your family to stop the abuse and get the compensation that your loved one needs. The Golden Years are very sacred and your family members need to be safe. Contact McManes Law today for a free consultation. Call us locally at (770) 645-8801, Toll Free at (866) 612-2481, or visit our website.

What is Medical Malpractice

medical malpractice what is it

What is Medical Malpractice

When you are seen by a doctor or other medical professional regarding your health concerns, you assume you will get the best care possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. When physicians, technicians, nurses and other medical professionals make mistakes during medical care, the outcomes can be life altering or even life threatening.

Medical Malpractice occurs when medical professionals fail to treat their patients with the same standard of care as other medical professionals. The question that must be answered in a medical malpractice case is whether the doctor failed to treat the patient with the same standard of care that other physicians with the same amount of training and experience would have treated the patient.

Lasik Surgery

Lasik eye surgery corrects nearsightedness and has had positive outcomes for many people who have had vision problems all of their lives. However, if the procedure isn’t done correctly, it can have devastating effects such as permanent and correctable vision impairment and blindness. Your eye care professional must screen each patient carefully to make sure they are a candidate for the surgery. Improper screening is one major cause for Lasik malpractice cases. Failure to properly measure the cornea of the eye is another common cause for bad Lasik procedures. When the cornea is measured improperly, damage to the eye can be catastrophic.

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is another ground breaking procedure that has benefited many people. When the surgery goes wrong because of a botched procedure, the patient’s attempt to get healthier ends in misery, with some people losing their lives. Factors that can cause complications, additional surgeries and fatalities include infection, blood clots, kidney problems and leaking of gastric fluids after surgery. It is imperative that your surgeon gives you proper post-operative treatment. This includes looking into any reports patients may have regarding ongoing pain shortly after surgery, shortness or breath and possible infection.

Hospital Injuries

Hospital injuries are another type of medical malpractice. As with standards of care, patients assume that the hospital they are being admitted into is safe, staffed with competent medical professionals and technicians, and the facility is stocked with the proper supplies and up to date medical equipment. Hospital injuries include slip and fall accidents, medication errors, emergency room errors, and failure to care for nosocomial infections properly which lead to further deterioration of health. Be advised, that some cases regarding hospital injury are subject to a statute of limitations. The statute of limitations regulates the time frame in which a case can be filed.

What is Medical Malpractice

What Do I Have To Show?

You must be able to show that your injuries were sustained when a doctor or hospital failed to exercise specific standards of care. Also, another medical expert must be able to show that the actions taken by the doctor or hospital directly resulted in your injury or loss.

You can be compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering if you have been the victim of medical malpractice. Attorney Skip McManes will help you fight for compensation. Medical malpractice law is very detailed and specific. You need an experienced expert in medical malpractice to advocate for you. Skip McManes will consult with you regarding your case. He will help you, or he will work with a skilled medical malpractice attorney in order to help you and your family. Contact McManes Law at (770) 645-8801, Toll Free at (866) 612-2481, or visit our website at

What Will My Personal Injury Attorney Do For Me

Personal Injury Attorney Do For Me

What Will My Personal Injury Attorney Do For Me

Personal Injury law can be very complicated and it is something that you probably don’t want to tackle alone. It is always a good idea to seek the advice of an attorney. An Personal Injury Attorney will know the specifics regarding the law and what needs to be done. An attorney can help you get a fair settlement or an agreeable outcome.

If you are involved in a personal injury case such as a car accident, or if you are ever injured in a slip and fall accident, such as stepping into a manhole or slipping the grocery store, the attorney will investigate your case and can advise you how to proceed.

Your attorney will gather evidence in your case such as police reports or medical records. He will also be able to photograph injuries such as bruises, cuts, casts and other injuries. Your attorney and his staff will take care of putting all of your medical information together so you won’t have to worry about details during the time you are recovering from an accident.

Your Personal Injury Attorney may decide to take photographs of the area which the accident occurred and photos of things in the area that may have contributed to the accident and your subsequent injuries. It may be possible that they require a private accident re constructionist to come in and to their own investigation of the accident scene.

You will be working with your attorney very closely on your case. Make sure that you give your correct personal information and keep his office informed of any address changes or changes in your medical condition. There needs to be clear communication between you and your attorney your case can be put together in the best way. Personal injury law is quite complicated and an attorney can help you navigate the deadlines, statute of limitations, calls with insurance adjusters and other attorneys.

If you case has to go into litigation, your Personal Injury attorney will take care of filing all of the proper paperwork. He will interview witnesses, police officers, doctors and any health care staff that was involved in your case. He will often take depositions of these witnesses testimony. These can be used in litigation if the case heads to court. There are proper procedures and specific motions that need to be filed, and orders that judges need to sign in order to make sure your case is ready to be heard. If litigation is essential you will be prepared to testify   court on your case. What Will My Personal Injury Attorney Do For Me.

Personal Injury law

If you have an attorney you won’t have to worry about making mistakes with your case, missing filing deadlines, and having to deal with the headaches of going through the legal system by yourself. More often than not, a person with legal counsel will get a better outcome than a person who represents themselves in a legal proceeding. If you represent yourself, any mistakes that are made could be quite costly. If certain motions and orders aren’t answered properly or on time, your case can be thrown out of court and dismissed. This can be very detrimental in personal injury cases especially if you have permanent debilitating injuries that you will need continued care for.

Skip McManes Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney Skip McManes is a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney. He has been practicing in the Atlanta area for 23 years. He believes in helping people who have been injured and makes sure that they get fair settlements and compensation. Don’t hesitate to give McManes Law a call at (770) 645-8801, Toll Free at (866) 612-2481, or visit our website at Case consultations are free and we will be more than happy to discuss your case with you.