What Should I Do After A Car Accident

What Should I Do After A Car Accident

When you are out and about doing everyday things, you never expect that you will be in a car accident. With more vehicles on the road there is a larger probability of motor vehicle accidents now more than ever.

After an auto accident you will be rattled, possibly injured and wondering what you need to do next. Everyone knows the basics of what you are supposed to do after an accident; however, there are a few more tips that can help you while you are on the scene.

After a car accident, call 911, or make sure that someone has called for help. Depending upon your injuries and others involved in the accident, time is of the essence. Make sure everyone is alright. At no time should you ever admit fault to anyone. When you admit fault, you will have almost no basis for a claim. Never speak to law enforcement or any witnesses about fault.

  • If you are able, survey the scene. If you have your smart phone handy, take photographs of the scene, the damage to the vehicles, photos of traffic lights or traffic signs and shots of the roadway. These can help your case when it is time to file a claim.
  • Make sure you speak with law enforcement when they arrive. They will also survey the scene, make a police report, possibly work up an accident reconstruction, and they will file a police report of the accident. The police report will be available to you a few days after at the police department, or their records division.
  • If there are any witnesses, make sure you get their information such as their address and phone number. You may need to contact them if you file a claim. Also, make sure you exchange insurance information with everyone involved. Don’t make a point to talk to anyone who looks like they are an insurance adjuster. Some insurance adjusters will come out to the scene. They will want a statement from you, hoping you will admit fault.
  • Even if you don’t believe that you are injured go to the hospital to get checked out. If you don’t feel a hospital ER is necessary, have a friend or family member take you to your primary care physician for a check-up. Some injuries don’t manifest until days later. You will want a record to show that you did seek medical attention after the accident.
  • Almost immediately insurance companies will begin to contact you. They will want a recorded statement from you regarding the accident. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, or if you are suffering from injury either immediately after the accident, or a few days later, talk to a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney.

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Skip McManes

Skip McManes is a seasoned attorney with more than 20 years of experience in representing injured workers. Prior to dedicating his legal practice to this cause, he briefly worked as an insurance defense lawyer where he witnessed the unethical tactics of insurance companies. This motivated him to shift his focus to defending the rights of workers against these powerful entities. Skip obtained his education from Johnson High in Gainesville and the University of Georgia, where he earned a degree in finance and a law degree. Despite his busy schedule, he remains an avid supporter of the Georgia Bulldogs. Currently residing in Alpharetta, Georgia, Skip has been married for over two decades and has four children. His commitment to his clients and passion for justice are evident in his work, and he is dedicated to fighting for the rights of those who have been injured on the job.


  1. I like that you mentioned that talking to an attorney after a car accident is a good idea. My brother was recently involved with a truck in a collision and he needs an attorney. I am hoping that he can find one that will value his case and understand his needs from this incident.

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