4 Signs You Need to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer After You Get Hurt On the Job

4 Signs You Need to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer

workers comp lawyerIf you experience an injury on the job that prohibits you from working for a certain amount of time, then you’re probably eligible for workers compensation. Unfortunately, in some cases, things don’t go as smoothly as they should. Here are some signs that you need to hire a workers comp lawyer.

You are having trouble with your employer

If you are experiencing trouble with your employer or their insurance company during the workers compensation process, then you should hire a workers comp lawyer. Problems can be anywhere from the insurance company denying the claim, you don’t receive your benefits in time, or your settlement doesn’t cover everything. In this case, you need an attorney who defends your rights.

Your employer retaliates against your claim

In some cases, your employer might retaliate against you if you file a workers comp claim. your employers might demote you, cut your hours, or even fire you after you file a workers comp claim, and you may be entitled to punitive damages. If this happens, you will definitely need a workers comp lawyer to help you fight for justice.

Your employer won’t pay for all job-related accidents

If you get injured at work, most states require the employers to cover expenses like hospital visits, emergency care, lab tests, medications, and follow-up physician visits that are related to the accident you had at work. If your employer refuses to pay these expenses, or they pick and choose which ones they want to pay, you’ll need a workers comp lawyer to help you sort everything out.

Your benefits are delayed

Your employer only has a certain amount of time, usually only seven days, to report your injury to their insurance company. After that, your employer has about two weeks from the time the injury was reported to mail you a check or inform you that they are going to fight your claim. If your compensation is delayed, you may want to speak to a lawyer.

Every year, there are more than 3.8 million occupational injuries and illnesses reported. If you’re one of those people, and you experience any of these situations above, give us a call today.

Skip McManes

Skip McManes is a seasoned attorney with more than 20 years of experience in representing injured workers. Prior to dedicating his legal practice to this cause, he briefly worked as an insurance defense lawyer where he witnessed the unethical tactics of insurance companies. This motivated him to shift his focus to defending the rights of workers against these powerful entities. Skip obtained his education from Johnson High in Gainesville and the University of Georgia, where he earned a degree in finance and a law degree. Despite his busy schedule, he remains an avid supporter of the Georgia Bulldogs. Currently residing in Alpharetta, Georgia, Skip has been married for over two decades and has four children. His commitment to his clients and passion for justice are evident in his work, and he is dedicated to fighting for the rights of those who have been injured on the job.

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