Everything You Need to know About Workers Compensation

Everything You Need to know About Workers Compensation

If you are hurt on the job you are entitled to worker’s compensation. Worker’s compensation or Worker’s comp can be difficult to understand. There are a few things you can teach yourself about Workers Comp in case you ever need to file a claim.

If you have a job related injury or illness then you will be able to obtain Worker’s compensation benefits. Worker’s compensation benefits are a type of no-fault insurance that provides medical benefits, temporary total benefits, permanent partial benefits or permanent total benefits to the worker. Also, it provides death benefits to families of worker’s who may have passed away during the course of their employment.

You will receive full benefits no matter who was at fault for the injury, whether it was you or it was your employer. In exchange for these benefits you will not be able to file a civil complaint for pain and suffering or any other damages against your employer. The exception to the rule is if an intentional act was committed.

If you are injured report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. Make contact with someone who is in a position of authority at your place of work. If you need medical treatment, let your employer know medical treatment is required. You have up to 30 days to file a claim with your employer regarding your injury. You will be directed to see a doctor that is part of a panel of doctors. This panel should be posted within your work place.

Everything You Need to know About Workers Compensation

Your employer will contact their insurance carrier and a First Report of Injury should be filed with the state in a timely manner. Your employer’s worker’s comp carrier will then contact you, your employer and the physician to evaluate the claim. They will then decide if the claim can be compensated. If the evaluation is favorable, then the insurance carrier will send you to a doctor for treatment of your injury or illness. You will also be provided with temporary disability benefits while you recover. Maximum medical improvement will be determined by the physician. If they believe they have done everything within their scope to help you heal from your injury or illness you may be released back to work.

If for any reason there is a dispute between you and your employer or the insurance company then you can file a claim for a formal hearing with the Division of Worker’s Compensation. In the past, problems have been known to arise about injury or illness being work related , the type of medical treatment you have been receiving or the payment of temporary disability benefits.

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